Homework Due Week 6

Continue work on your mid-term:

Produce a revised mock-up using about 100% of the materials, text, and graphics (i.e., a very polished, nearly final draft). Your second mock-up should demonstrate significant improvement or evolution from the original. Write a one-page reaction explaining the reasons for any further changes or adaptations you have made. Bring in an updated and complete budget. (50 homework points)

Fold Signatures for Next Class

Next week we’ll begin working on sewn-signature bindings, which means you need signatures to sew. We’ll get started on this in class, but you will likely need to finish up at home. When you’re done, you should have:

  • 16 signatures with 4 sheets each

  • 3 signatures with 8 sheets each

I’d recommend separating them into envelopes or baggies or something so you can easily tell the 4-sheet signatures from the 8-sheet signatures. 


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