Tools – Here’s the full list of tools you will need for class. Like this awl to the right, for instance.

Book Form and Design Handouts – This is a list the handouts on design and book styles that we’ll cover in class.

Major Projects Assignment Sheets – You’ll find the midterm and final project assignment sheets here.

Project Evaluation – Developing a concept for your book can be tough. Start off by asking yourself these questions — and then revisit them as you progress to make sure you stay on target. These are the questions you will use to write your self evaluation for your mid-term and final projects, though they can be useful any time you are working on a book project.

Open Studio Hours – The UB Book Arts Studio will offer open studio hours to assist students in the completion of projects. Visit this page for the current semester’s hours.

Just a Few Other Useful Links

InDesign Help – Wondering how to print a booklet in Indesign? Check out these resources.

Suppliers – Wondering just where to go to get the tools and supplies you need to make your books? Check out this list of stores and websites that will have what you need.

Community Resources – There are a number of resources in the Baltimore/DC metro region that you can take advantage of in your bookbinding practice. We’ll add more as we find them.

Texts & Websites – Need some inspiration? Stuck in a bind? (Ha.) Find plenty of ideas, along with tips on craft, in these recommended books and websites. We’ll add more resources as we find them.