Homework Due Week of 4/25 + Open Studio Hours

Homework: This week, continue work on your final project (find assignment sheet/rubric here)

As a note, I will also be offering opening the classroom/studio for open studio hours this Sunday, April 24, from 1-4 p.m. I’ll be on hand to provide guidance, discuss ideas, or just give you the space to work on your project. Please remember you will need your Bee card to access the building.


Homework Due Week of 3.21 + video tutorials


Additionally, I wanted to remind you that each week I post any new handouts in the resources section of the website. I’ve just posted the handouts for adding an inset and making a cover for your single signature pamphlet. I’ve also created a series of video tutorials for hardcover pamphlets in case you need a reminder of any of the steps. Here are the latest links:

Adding a recess or inset: A look at how to add layers/texture to your cover through insets/windows.

Single Pamphlet Hardcover: Creating a cover for your simple pamphlet book.

I’ve also created a series of video tutorials for the single pamphlet hardcover style: 

Full cloth w/ inset part 1

Full cloth w/ inset part 2

Full cloth w/ inset part 3

Quarter cloth part 1

Quarter cloth part 2

Quarter cloth part 3

Homework Due Week of 2.1

Clarification: The Tuesday class, which was canceled due to snow, should submit this homework no later than 2/9. 

  • Using paper from your 9″x12″ sketch book, fold 10 accordions – each should have 4 panels. Remember to check the paper grain. The final dimensions are your choice, but the books should be 3″ or taller (so, for example, a strip that is 9″ wide by 3″ tall). Too small a book will be difficult to work with.
  • Watch the “How to make a print postcard” InDesign tutorial from Adobe (it’s about 18 minutes long). You’lll find it at bit.ly/pchowto.
  • Using what you learned in the tutorial, use InDesign to create a post-card sized broadside of ONE of the poems from the Project 1 poem pool. Print it in color, trim it to size, and bring it to class. It must include color and imagery. Be prepared to discuss your design choices (typeface, layout, colors, images, etc.)

Tools you must have by next week: 

  • 9″x12″ sketchpad, 60-80lb
  • Bonefolder (or acceptable substitute)
  • Cork-backed ruler (18″ is a good size)
  • X-acto knife.

***Remember to follow this blog so that you get updated whenever homework or announcements are posted.***

Homework Due Week of 4/27

Hi all! Hope you’re having a lovely weekend. Just a quick reminder of the homework due next week. Please remember that we’ll be having one-on-one meetings with me and a visiting book artist. (I’ll post the sign-up sheet shortly as a reminder.) During the meetings, we’ll keep the studio open so that you can work on your projects while you wait.

  • Produce a revised mock-up using nearly 100% of the materials, text, and graphics (i.e., a very polished, nearly final draft). Your second mock-up should demonstrate significant improvement or evolution from the original. [40 points]
  • Write a double-spaced, one-page progress report explaining the reasons for any further changes or adaptations you have made. [20 points]
  • Revise your budget and production schedule to reflect any changes that will come as a result of your discoveries [15 points]
  • Prepare for one-on-one meetings with instructor. You should bring BOTH mock-ups to your meeting, as these will help our visiting book artists better understand your concept and progression.

Need to check out the full assignment sheet ? It’s over here.