About Plork Press

Call us old fashioned, but Plork Press still believes books are meant to be held in your hands—not to be scrolled and clicked, but to be cradled, flipped, fondled no less, to be eyeballed inside and out. Plork Press believes that the visual and tactile processes are exactly what make reading the extrasensory experience we all discovered it to be once upon a time when we first learned to do it.

Wait, what is Plork anyway? Only the beginning of everything! Plork marries work and play to create a life that engages all the senses.


A student-driven imprint at the University of Baltimore, Plork Press seeks to publish hand bound books through the University of Baltimore MFA in Creative Writing & Publishing Arts. The Press was created in the summer of 2013 when we received grant funding to publish and bind, by hand, an anthology of student writing titled Plorkology: Poems, Stories, and Essays

We plan to use earnings from Plorkology sales as seed money to continue our seriously playful publishing endeavors in the years to come. Needless to say, we’re feeling a bit giddy and dizzy at the possibilities.

Won’t you join us? Do you Plork?! Come on, it’s never too late to create.


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