Project Evaluation

For major book assignments (midterm and final), please write a statement evaluating what you’ve created and why. Whether or not your book is perfect isn’t the  most important thing here; it’s your process and the reasoning that went into your concept from the start that matter. Please consider the following questions a starting point for conception of any book project.

  • What is the concept for my book? In what ways is that concept creative and original?
  • In what ways does my concept challenge me creatively and structurally?
  • What is the level of craftsmanship that I have brought to the book? What successes and failures did I have in constructing the book?
  • In what ways have I fully explored and even stretched the book form I used?
  • How is the form of the book linked to the content of the book?
  • What graphic and typographic choices did I make for this book and why? How do these elements impact the book and my concept?  
  • What is the name/title of my book, and why was that name/title selected?
  • If I were to make this book over again, what things would I change (in process, concept, and construction), and why?