Midterm Project Details

For the midterm project, students will produce three copies of a book using one of the forms covered in class in the first half of the semester (soft forms, or stab-bind hardcover). The books should be identical if printing is involved, or as close to identical as possible if the text is created by hand. The book should contain original text that was written with the book form in mind; graphics are optional.

Books will be graded using the self-evaluation questions as a guide. However, the teacher will also consider the level to which you have stretched the book form, thoughtfulness of your concept, difficulty of proposed work and quality of execution.

Due Dates:

February 24: One-page book plan, including book concept description, list of materials you plan to use, and explanation of why you have made such choices.

March 3: One-page progress report explaining any changes to the plan, discoveries, etc. AND at least one rough mock-up of book with text, graphics, etc.

March 17: Present books in class. Turn in one copy of book for teacher to keep, as well as two-page self-evaluation, using the weekly questions list.


For Class on Feb. 17

Hi folks…great job tonight!

Next week, we will be making hardcover stab bind books, which means you’ll need to bring these tools:

  • Box cutter
  • Mod Podge/PVA glue and sponge brush
  • Awl
  • Cutting board
  • Ruler

The books we’ll be making will be 11.5 x 9 inches in diameter, so you will need to bring the following materials:

  • Two pieces of binder board — 11.5 x 9 inches each
  • A stack of blank pages (30-50 or so) — 8.5 x 11 inches
  • Four pieces of slightly heavier paper for the inside covers — all 8.5 x 11 inches
  • Two pieces of decorative paper for the cover that are at least 13 x 11 inches each
  • Twine, ribbon or wire for binding (I will have needles)

As I have mentioned, you may choose to use recycled board. If you can’t find board that’s 11.5 x 9 inches, get as close as you can and still make sure your other materials are the sizes listed. You may have to cut them down for a smaller book, but at least you won’t be left shortchanged, materialswise.

Please also bring your homework from this week, your interpretation of one of these book forms:

  • Pamphlet
  • Accordian
  • Telescope
  • Flag

Write text for the book that you feel matches the form, and be prepared to discuss the choices you made. And, don’t forget your paragraph to discuss the process.

See you then!

What to bring for Feb. 10 class

Thanks for a great first class. I was impressed at how cool, calm and collected you remained during the sewing section — great work!  On to next week. To recap from class:

1. Bring the “every class” tools listed in your syllabus, along with a cereal box of any size (without any cereal in it, Mike 🙂 ).  We’ll be making more soft cover books in class on the 10th, so if you have any special papers, pens/crayons, etc., you’d like to use, feel free. I’ll have basic white paper, some crayons and some magazines to cut up for decoration.

2. Create a new “magic book” containing at least one “secret” line. The book can be made out of whatever you like, whatever size you like best. Be sure to think about ways of helping the reader discover the secret (i.e., visual cues, a trick of wording, etc.)…

3. Use the questions in your syllabus to think about your new book. When you’ve finished the book, write a paragraph about the process using those questions as prompts, where applicable.

See you next week!


A couple of things…

I’ve heard from a couple of folks with questions about supplies…at the very least, please bring some scissors and a glue stick this Thursday. I’ll be talking a lot about materials during class, so by the end you should have a better idea of what suits you best. I’ll also have extra supplies on hand during class so we can start making a proper mess. 🙂


Jan. 27 Class

Hi folks,

I’m canceling class because of the weather. I really don’t believe Baltimore will be drivable by this afternoon, so I’d rather us all be safe than sorry.

As a means of introduction to the class, please take a look through the postings and pages on this site. You have two bits of homework for next week:

1. Get your supplies (and bring the ones listed as necessary for every week).

2. Write something creative with seven lines, one of them secret. Bring what you’ve written with you.

Next week we’ll be digging in to some softcover book forms, so be prepared to make a mess!

Take care, and be safe,


Back to School!

Welcome to the website for Literary Publications, Spring 2011. We’re so glad you’re here!

This semester is going to be fun. We’re going to rip things up, glue things together — and generally make a huge mess on a weekly basis. Most importantly, though, you’re going to make lots and lots of books.

On this site you’ll find a complete syllabus and class schedule, a list of the tools you will be expected to bring to every class, plus a page of links to online and print resources about book arts.

You’ll also find weekly assignments in full detail, in case your dog is fond of paper. 😉

Now, let’s get started!