Homework Due Week of 2.22

  • Create a broadside using one of the techniques we learned today in class (watercolor, foam printing, etc.). You may select the writing (excerpts are fine) and the dimensions. I advise using a heavy weight paper for best results.
  • Begin work on your midterm — you’ll need to complete step 1 by next week. See the assignment sheet for full details.
  • Prep for next week:
    • Cut 4 strips of paper to 3″x9″ (do not fold them — we’ll do that in class next week). Bring in extra paper to use for hinges.

Homework Due Week of 2.15

  • Read Lupton’s “Design Basics” handout. Pay particular attention to display and book types as well as cover design.
  • Create a summer-themed book using one of the forms we learned in class this week + at least one of the summer haiku from Jack Kerouac*. For this project, you should:
    1. Layout the interior type in InDesign.
    2. Be sure to incorporate color and imagery (the imagery can be digital or added by hand).
    3. Pay special attention to the use of book and display type.
    4. Develop at least two drafts of the cover. Select the one you like best and use it for the final book, but bring all the versions into class so we can discuss the directions you considered.
  • Prep materials for next class:

Tools Needed for Week 4 

  • Bone folder
  • X-acto knife
  • Ruler


  1. Blowing in an afternoon wind,
    on a white fence
    A cobweb
  2. Man dying —
    Harbor lights
    On still water
  3. “The wind agrees with me
    not the sun” —
  4. The flowers don’t seem
    to mind
    the stupid May sunshine

Homework Due Week of 2.8

  • Read the handout on the grid from Layout Essentials to learn about the use of grids in page design
  • Using one of the forms we learned this week, make a winter-themed book, and be prepared to discuss the rationale behind your design decisions. Your book should be:
    • Based on one of Kerouac’s “Winter” haiku (below)
    • Designed using InDesign and around the grid
    • Incorporate imagery and color
  • Prep the materials you will need for our next class:
    • 8 sheets of paper to be used in the pamphlet binding (all the same size). You may choose your own dimensions, but I recommend you do not cut sheets any smaller than 5×5. Be sure to consider grain
    • 10 sheets of paper for your stick book. You may choose the size, but I do not advise anything smaller than 5×5 or larger than 8×9. Consider the grain.
    • Cut 8 sheets of paper to 5″x4″, grain long.

Book Dimensions







Tools Required for Next Week

  • bone folder
  • thread
  • needle
  • awl
  • x-acto knife
  • ruler
  • a pad of heavy weight paper or card stock, at least 9×12 and 90-125lb.

Winter Haiku

  1. Two cars passing
    on the freeway
    — Husband and wife.
  2. The clouds are
    following each other
    Into Eternity
  3. Snow in my shoe
    Sparrow’s nest
  4. Kneedeep, teeth
    to the blizzard
    My cat gazing at me

Homework Due Week of 2.1

Clarification: The Tuesday class, which was canceled due to snow, should submit this homework no later than 2/9. 

  • Using paper from your 9″x12″ sketch book, fold 10 accordions – each should have 4 panels. Remember to check the paper grain. The final dimensions are your choice, but the books should be 3″ or taller (so, for example, a strip that is 9″ wide by 3″ tall). Too small a book will be difficult to work with.
  • Watch the “How to make a print postcard” InDesign tutorial from Adobe (it’s about 18 minutes long). You’lll find it at bit.ly/pchowto.
  • Using what you learned in the tutorial, use InDesign to create a post-card sized broadside of ONE of the poems from the Project 1 poem pool. Print it in color, trim it to size, and bring it to class. It must include color and imagery. Be prepared to discuss your design choices (typeface, layout, colors, images, etc.)

Tools you must have by next week: 

  • 9″x12″ sketchpad, 60-80lb
  • Bonefolder (or acceptable substitute)
  • Cork-backed ruler (18″ is a good size)
  • X-acto knife.

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Homework Due Week of May 4

Alright, we’re down to the last few days of class! Here’s what’s due next week:

  • Make the final book and bring it to class
  • Bring your two mock-ups to class
  • Write a two-page self-evaluation using the questions from the website as a guide.
  • Revise and finalize production schedule
  • Produce final budget, with addition of final price for book and 1 paragraph explanation of why you’ve established that price (materials cost per book, value you’ve placed on your time, other considerations, etc.).