Book Form and Design Handouts

As we learn new styles, I’ll add the instructional handouts here.

Case Binding with Flat Spine: Directions to create the cover we used for the French Link stitch book.

French Link Stitch: A description of the sewing method for our final hardcover book.

Drumleaf Binding: A look at how to build this book that uses single sheets and no sewing.

Adding a recess or inset: A look at how to add layers/texture to your cover through insets/windows.

Single Pamphlet Hardcover: Creating a cover for your simple pamphlet book.

I’ve also created a series of video tutorials for the single pamphlet hardcover style: 

Full cloth w/ inset part 1

Full cloth w/ inset part 2

Full cloth w/ inset part 3

Quarter cloth part 1

Quarter cloth part 2

Quarter cloth part 3

Design Basics: A look at the basics of designing a hand-made or artist’s book.

Matchbook Style: The 5th of 5 styles we learned in week 3.

Stick, Pamphlet, Ledger, and Two-Sewn-As-One Books: Directions for creating 4/5 of the styles we learned in week 3.

Layout Essentials – The Grid: An introduction to the use of grid in your designs.

Snake, Flower, Tunnel, and Flag Books: Directions for creating the simple folded soft forms we learned in week 2.

X-Book and Concertina/Accordion: Directions for creating your own x-book (aka magic book) and concertina book (aka accordion book).

Golden Chapter 1 – Materials & Methods: An exploration of the basics of bookbinding, such as tools; paper cutting and folding; paper grain; measuring; adhesives; working with content; book terms and parts; and more.

You may find these additional handouts on bookbinding basics useful as well:

Determining Paper Grain: Article on methods for determining paper grain via J. Hewit & Sons Ltd.

Book Terms and Components: A listing of book terms and their definitions, traditional book components, and diagrams labeled with book parts.


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