Homework Due Week of 2.15

  • Read Lupton’s “Design Basics” handout. Pay particular attention to display and book types as well as cover design.
  • Create a summer-themed book using one of the forms we learned in class this week + at least one of the summer haiku from Jack Kerouac*. For this project, you should:
    1. Layout the interior type in InDesign.
    2. Be sure to incorporate color and imagery (the imagery can be digital or added by hand).
    3. Pay special attention to the use of book and display type.
    4. Develop at least two drafts of the cover. Select the one you like best and use it for the final book, but bring all the versions into class so we can discuss the directions you considered.
  • Prep materials for next class:

Tools Needed for Week 4 

  • Bone folder
  • X-acto knife
  • Ruler


  1. Blowing in an afternoon wind,
    on a white fence
    A cobweb
  2. Man dying —
    Harbor lights
    On still water
  3. “The wind agrees with me
    not the sun” —
  4. The flowers don’t seem
    to mind
    the stupid May sunshine

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