Homework Due Week of 2.1

Clarification: The Tuesday class, which was canceled due to snow, should submit this homework no later than 2/9. 

  • Using paper from your 9″x12″ sketch book, fold 10 accordions – each should have 4 panels. Remember to check the paper grain. The final dimensions are your choice, but the books should be 3″ or taller (so, for example, a strip that is 9″ wide by 3″ tall). Too small a book will be difficult to work with.
  • Watch the “How to make a print postcard” InDesign tutorial from Adobe (it’s about 18 minutes long). You’lll find it at bit.ly/pchowto.
  • Using what you learned in the tutorial, use InDesign to create a post-card sized broadside of ONE of the poems from the Project 1 poem pool. Print it in color, trim it to size, and bring it to class. It must include color and imagery. Be prepared to discuss your design choices (typeface, layout, colors, images, etc.)

Tools you must have by next week: 

  • 9″x12″ sketchpad, 60-80lb
  • Bonefolder (or acceptable substitute)
  • Cork-backed ruler (18″ is a good size)
  • X-acto knife.

***Remember to follow this blog so that you get updated whenever homework or announcements are posted.***


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