Homework Due Week of May 5

Alright, folks, we’re in the home stretch! For next week, you’ll be completing your final:

May 6/8– Step 4 (100 major project pts.)

  • Make the edition of 3 books and bring them to class (instructor will keep one copy)
  • Bring your two mock-ups to class
  • Write a two-page self-evaluation using the questions from the website as a guide.
  • Revise and finalize production schedule
  • Produce final budget, with addition of final price for book and 1 paragraph explanation of why you’ve established that price (materials cost per book, value you’ve placed on your time, other considerations, etc.).

During our next class, you’ll be presenting your books and we’ll make it an open studio/studio party to celebrate all your hard work. I encourage you to bring snacks, drinks, and friends.


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