Homework Due Week of April 28

For next week, you will continue work on your final project:

  • Produce a revised mock-up using nearly 100% of the materials, text, and graphics (i.e., a very polished, nearly final draft). Your second mock-up should demonstrate significant improvement or evolution from the original. [40 points]
  • Write a double-spaced, one-page progress report explaining the reasons for any further changes or adaptations you have made. [20 points]
  • Revise your budget and production schedule to reflect any changes that will come  as a result of your discoveries [15 points]
  • Prepare for one-on-one meetings with instructor. You should bring BOTH mock-ups to your meeting.

Additionally, if you have not cased in your drum-leaf bound book, you will need to do so on your own at home.


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