Homework Due Week of April 14

For the next class, you should:

You must also continue work on the final project. I’m repeating the instructions from the assignment sheet here: 

Due April 15/17 — Step 1 (50 Homework Points)
Write a double-spaced, two-page book plan explaining the following: [40 points]

  • Which author/piece of writing you will be working with and why
  • Which track you have chosen for the project
  • Your overall concept for the book (what form will you use, what effect are you trying to achieve, what is your intent for the final product)

You should also create the following:  [10 points]

  • A list of proposed materials and their estimated cost
  • A schedule for production.

For next class: bring basic hand tools
(needle, x-acto knife, glue brush, awl, bone folder)


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