Book Arts Round-Up

Hi all! Here’s a round up of a few cool book arts links I found this week:

Is it a book, or is it a block of wood? I don’t know! ACK! But also, is this not so entirely amazing?

This set of books is by artist Ming Jing Lu, who says this about his work: “‘From wood to book, from book to wood again’ is the best metaphor for this project. If I didn’t do the paper version of this story, it would not mirror this concept. Now I feel that the whole project can tell this story and this concept by itself. The object as the medium narrates the content to readers.”

See more photos here. 

This is one of my most favorite accordion books of late. I love how she incorporates striking use of color, but in a minimalist way, and the illustrations are creepy and gorgeous.

This beauty is by artist Molly Brown, and it’s titled “Village Networks.” She says this of her concept: “I am fascinated by the strange effects that emerging social media on the internet can have on the psyche. It is a new sort of attitude towards social interactions– a combination of anonymity and over-exposure.”

You can see more photos here. 

Finally, I mentioned this book artist in class. The artist is Yusuke Oono, and the books are stunning beyond belief.

Oono uses paper cuts to create gorgeous, layered interpretations of well-known stories like Snow White and the Jungle Book.

You can see more of Oono’s work here. 


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