Book Arts Round-Up

Here, have some amazing pieces of book art worth checking out. I’ll try to post something like this every week, to help keep your ideas flowing!

These “Magical Notebooks” by Flickr user Celeste Frittata are stunning in their simplicity and beauty. I secretly want to own them all.

You can see the full set over on Flickr.

Amazing paper sculptures around various themes. I’m particularly enamored of the coffee cup series.

See them all here.

One of the best kind of books? Miniature books. And this tiny accordion is no exception.

See more pics here. 

If you need a break from the whimsical and just downright cute (watch that GIF above and try to tell me that’s not adorable), this book may be more your speed. Seriously, it breaks my brain to think about cutting out all the pages/the cover in that coffin shape, much less the work it took to tool the cover.

You want to see more photos, don’t you? 


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