Class Handouts, first three weeks

I’ve gotten my scanner situation straightened out, so here are links to a few of the handouts we’ve used/referenced during the first two weeks of class.

Midterm Assignment and Rubric: Instructions and information for your upcoming mid-term.

Soft Cover Forms Part 2: Covers pamphlet, matchbook, stab bind, venetian blind/palm leaf, dos-a-dos

Soft Cover Forms Part 1:  Covers flag, snake, accordion/concertina, Turkish fold, scroll and perfect binding styles.

Determining Paper Grain: Article on methods for determining paper grain via J. Hewit & Sons Ltd.

Magic Book How To: How to make your own magic book from one sheet of paper.

Book Terms and Components: A listing of book terms and their definitions, traditional book components, and diagrams labeled with book parts.

Remember, you can find the full list of handouts here (I will be making some updates/additions as we move along). The mid-term and final project information is posted here.


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