Launching Plorkology, Oct. 3

IMG_1057Call us old fashioned, but Plork Press still believes books are meant to be held in your hands—not to be scrolled and clicked, but to be cradled, flipped, fondled no less, to be eyeballed inside and out.

Plork Press believes that the visual and tactile processes are exactly what make reading the extrasensory experience we all discovered it to be once upon a time when we first learned to do it.

A student-driven imprint at the University of Baltimore, Plork Press announces the release of its first book, Plorkology: Stories, Poems, and Essays. Join us on October 3rd at 7:30 p.m. for the book launch party in the basement of the Langsdale Library and behold these colorful, hand bound books.

To learn how this is done, visit us for bookmaking sessions and snag creative training right on the spot. Or you could hang with us and simply watch books get built.

Wait, what is Plork anyway? Only the beginning of everything! Plork marries work and play to create a life that engages all the senses.

We plan to use earnings from Plorkology sales as seed money to continue our seriously playful publishing endeavors in the years to come. Won’t you join us? Do you Plork?! Come on, it’s never too late to create.

About Plorkology
IMG_1051Work-play experts, we Plorkers received a generous grant from the University of Baltimore for summer 2013 to produce a collection of student writing. Not just any collection, but a visually exciting offering of quality literature. Over the summer, we’ve been playing and working very hard, collecting submissions, editing, designing, printing, and binding the first ever anthology of UB MFA student writing under the newly minted Plork Press in an edition of 150 (estimated completion date late September/early October). Needless to say, we’re feeling a bit giddy and dizzy at the possibilities.

As the MFA program has long included the study of publishing, and more explicitly, the study of hand bound books, this is a prime opportunity to extend our existing creative efforts. While the edition will be limited, these handmade books are unique, artistic, and innovative. They generate big interest and buzz. We plan to display and sell them at venues such as the Baltimore Book Festival and the Associated Writing Programs (AWP) Conference. They would also work well for recruitment efforts, as they will foreground our work in hand bound books and indie publishing, as well as showcasing the writing of our students.

Project Leads: Kendra Kopelke and Meredith Purvis
Student Publishers: Judith Krummeck, Amanda McCormick, Sylvia Fischbach-Braden, and Mychael Zulauf

Follow Plorkology’s day-to-day progress on Facebook. 


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