Homework Due 4/18 (Thursday class) & 4/23 (Tuesday class)

Hi all! For the next class, your homework is to keep working on your final project (remember that your second mock-ups aren’t due until April 25/30, respectively). Feel free to email me with any questions/road bumps/musings as your project continues to evolve/unfold. I’m loving so much of what I’m seeing so far!

We will be sewing up the long stitch in this upcoming class, though, so do remember to bring needle and thread and scissors and the typical sewing accoutrement. See you then!


I’ll be holding open studio hours this weekend on April 20, from 9 – 11 a.m. If you have questions/issues with the final or anything else we’ve been working on in class, come on in and see me. And, of course, if you just want to come in and work in that nice, big space, I’d welcome the company. 🙂   


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