Clarification on Linen Thread at Local Stores…

I’ve discovered I was in error about the linen thread most of the local stores are carrying. What I was thinking of when I mentioned it in class is this, which is what Utretch, Artist & Craftsman Supply, and Plaza should all be carrying. It turns out that this thread isn’t waxed, which I hadn’t realized. I apologize for any confusion.
However, I have confirmed that the MICA Store carries Crawford 2-cord (2 ply) waxed linen thread (like this).You can also order it online at Hollanders.
It is worth noting that if you have already purchased unwaxed thread, it should work. It is more likely to knot, though. But, that is easily fixed if you wax the thread yourself–it’s not difficult, you just need a little bar of beeswax (like this).

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