Homework Due 2/21 (Thursday Class) and 2/26 (Tuesday Class)

For class five, please work on the following:

  • One-page midterm book plan (post to blog)
  • Prep your paper for 4 sewn signature books
    • Cut 96 sheets of paper that measure 7″ x 11″ .
      • You can do this with ruler and x-acto knife, but would also be great for guillotine cutter in the lab. Just remember to do a test run with some cheap, xerox-esque paper till you’re sure you understand how the machine works.
      • I recommend paper that has a weight of 70-100lbs–sketchbook paper or LIGHT watercolor paper is great for this kind of book. It has a heft that stands up to sewing and a nice tooth that yields a beautiful blank book. Utrecht has 18″ x 24″ drawing/sketch pads with 50 sheets of 70lb paper for about $14. Each page of the pad will give you 4 pieces of 7″ x 11″ paper, and so would yield (if you cut every single sheet) 200 pieces of paper. You will only need to cut half the pad, or 25 sheets, down to size. Any leftovers can be used for future projects.
    • Optional: Bring in 8 sheets of colored paper (recommend something like Canson Mi Tientes paper) that measure 7″ x 11″ to use as end papers. NOTE: The Canson Mi Tientes paper comes in 19″ x 25″ sheets, so you can expect to get 4 end papers out of each one).
  • Cut board for DIY punching cradles
    • Dimensions:
      • 2 pieces of book board that are 13″x 4.5″
      • 8 pieces of book board about 3″ x ½″
      • 2 pieces of book board 3.5″ x 6″

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