Mid-Term Project Details & Schedule

Students will produce 10 copies of a soft form book, using one of the forms covered in the first half of the semester (magic, matchbook, pamphlet, stab bind, accordion, flag, tunnel or blind). The books should be identical if printing is involved, or as close to identical as possible if the text is created by hand. The book should contain original text that has not been used for a previous book project. Graphics are optional.

Books of poetry will contain 1-3 poems. Books containing short fiction or non-fiction should contain no more than one story (or an excerpt).

Books will be graded using the self-evaluation questions as a guide. However, the teacher will also consider the level to which you have stretched the book form, thoughtfulness of your concept, difficulty of proposed work, and quality of execution.

Due dates:

February 16: Bring your book text to class in a way that others may read it. Have some theme ideas in mind and ready for discussion.

February 23:  One-page book plan, including a book concept description, list of materials you plan to use, and explanation of why you have chosen the form you chose.

March 1:  One-page progress report, explaining any changes to the plan, discoveries, etc., AND at least one rough mock-up of book with text, graphics, etc.

March 8: Time for questions in class.

March 15:  Present books in class. Turn in one copy of book for teacher to keep, as well as two-page self-evaluation, using the self-evaluation list on the class website.


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