Homework Due February 2nd

Hello, you wonderful students, you! Jenny and I hope you had an amazing first class, and we’re super psyched to see you next week. With that in mind, here’s the homework due next time we meet on February 2!

  • Journal Entry: Find a book artist who you think most closely resembles your work (or the work you’d like to do–i.e., your style/aesthetic). Write roughly 1 page about the artist and your thoughts on his/her work. Remember to post it on the class blog. NOTE: There’s a link to the homework blog up at the far right of the main nav. But just in case, here’s another link. We should have you all added to the blog by 1/27. If you weren’t in the first class or forgot to give us your email address, please email me [purvis at umbc.edu] or Jenny [jogrady at ubalt.edu] so we can get you added.
  • Make your own magic book–try out different materials, incorporate words and images, etc. Go CRAZY!
  • Purchase/gather supplies so that you’ll be prepared for the upcoming classes.

2 thoughts on “Homework Due February 2nd”

  1. Hello! I just accepted the invitation and logged into my preexisting WordPress account, but when I hover over bookiness, I’m not getting a ‘New Post’ option. Did I do something wrong?

    1. Do you see “New”? If so, that should lead to “Post” as the option you need. If that doesn’t work, try clicking first on “Dashboard” and then click on “Posts” in the left-hand navigation bar…that will lead you, again, to “Add new”… jo’g

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