Homework, Materials for April 21

On the 21st, we’re going to talk about some unconventional forms, and we’re going to play around with concept. On the 7th, I gave each of you a small stack of library catalog cards. For the 21st, I’d like you to think about those cards and complete this exercise:

Pretend that you have money, time and skill without boundary. Then think about these cards (and pretend there are more, if you like) and develop a book concept that incorporates the cards in some way. Think about how these cards were used in their former life in a library. Consider how they feel, how they smell, what they say. Think about your experiences with libraries, or with books. You can use any other materials in the world to make your book. Your book doesn’t have to have conventional pages; it doesn’t even have to contain any words besides the ones on your cards. The sky’s the limit because not only do you have unlimited money, time and talent — you also never actually have to make this book.

Write a page about what kind of book you might make, what it would look like, what materials you’d use, and why you think your concept is appropriate for the main material: library catalog cards.

On the 21st, bring this page — be prepared to discuss — and also bring your basic bookmaking materials (scissors, x-acto, cutting mat, some kind of glue) along with some random materials (magazines, old paper leftovers, or other materials you think might be interesting to build into a book) that can be shared with the group (I’m picturing a nice big pile of awesome).

See you then!


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