April 14: One-On-Ones with Jenny and Jim

This week, we’ll be meeting individually to discuss (quickly! there are so many of you!) your final projects-in-progress. Be sure to bring an as-close-to-being-done-as-possible version of your book, including page layout and structure so we can give you the best feedback. As I mentioned in my last e-mail, my print designer friend Jim will be with me to help with critique.

Here’s the schedule, in case you forgot your time. Be sure to get in 1o minutes early, as it’s a very tight turn-around. I’ll have the pop-up stuff and materials for playing around while you wait.

5:00 – Nairobi
5:10 – Jill
5:20 – Andrew
5:30 – Oakley
5:40 – Mike
5:50 – Lori
6:00 – Lowell
6:10 – Roger
6:20 – Amberly
6:30 – Eli
6:40 – Casey
6:50 – Tabitha
7:00 – Danielle
7:10 – Steven
7:20 – Brad
7:30 – Kristi
7:40 – Odessa
7:50 – Andrea

Phew! Got ’em all in. 🙂


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