Final Project Requirements


Written proposals due March 31
Projects due May 5

Students will choose one of the book forms studied in class and produce an edition of at least 10 identical copies (one of which the teacher will keep); this form must be different from the one chosen for the mid-term project. The book will use a piece of writing previously written by the student; illustrations are not required. Students may not use designs previously created for typography class or other classes. The book should contain a title page of some form, a short writer’s bio, and a colophon. In addition to the final book project, students will write a report of at least two pages, using the given self-assessment questions as a jumping-off point.


March 31:

One-page book plan, including a book concept description, list of materials you plan to use and explanation of why you have chosen the form you chose.

April 7:

One-page progress report, explaining any changes to the plan, discoveries, AND at least one rough mock-up of book with text, graphics, etc. Students will break into groups to discuss, critique, etc.

April 14

One-on-one meetings and critique by guest designer. Bring close-to-finished mock-up.

April 21
Discuss pricing and table displays. Bring paragraph proposal of display ideas.

May 5:

Present books in class. Turn in one copy for teacher to keep, as well as two-page self-evaluation, using the weekly questions list.

M.F.A. Student Reading and Book Party, 8 p.m., 5th Floor, Bogolmolny Room. Prepare pricing and small display for selling your extra books.



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