For March 10 Class

Hi folks, great job last night! I really liked seeing how your mid-terms are going, and your journals looked really nice.

Your only homework this week is to be working on your mid-term, which is due in class on March 17th.

For our March 10th class, we will be making two books: a hotdog shaped journal with exposed stitches on a fabric binding, and a coptic bound journal.

You will need to bring the following items to class:

  • Scissors, x-acto, ruler, cutting board
  • Two large cereal boxes (at least 11.25 inches tall)
  • Around 50 pieces of paper for your text blocks

It would be helpful if you could pre-cut one of the boxes so that you have two pieces of board that are 7 x 11.25 inches long. Please also pre-fold 28 pages of text block paper hotdog style. Doing this will give us the extra time to make two books in class.

Have a great week, and remember you can always e-mail me with questions.



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