What to bring for Feb. 10 class

Thanks for a great first class. I was impressed at how cool, calm and collected you remained during the sewing section — great work!  On to next week. To recap from class:

1. Bring the “every class” tools listed in your syllabus, along with a cereal box of any size (without any cereal in it, Mike 🙂 ).  We’ll be making more soft cover books in class on the 10th, so if you have any special papers, pens/crayons, etc., you’d like to use, feel free. I’ll have basic white paper, some crayons and some magazines to cut up for decoration.

2. Create a new “magic book” containing at least one “secret” line. The book can be made out of whatever you like, whatever size you like best. Be sure to think about ways of helping the reader discover the secret (i.e., visual cues, a trick of wording, etc.)…

3. Use the questions in your syllabus to think about your new book. When you’ve finished the book, write a paragraph about the process using those questions as prompts, where applicable.

See you next week!



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